Robert Underwood and Katharine Johnson

obert Underwood Johnson (1853-1837) was born in Washington D.C. He earned a B.S. from Earlham College in 1871, and he married Katharine McMahon in 1876. Robert Johnson wrote numerous books of verse, poetry and prose. He was first an associate then the editor of "Century Magazine" (1873-1913). Robert was the author, diplomat and lecturer very well known at his time. He was the American Ambassador in Italy from 1920-1921, when he established a library dedicated to Keats in Rome, in the house where Keats had died.

n 1920 Robert and Katharine visited Belgrade, Yugoslavia, to see the place of origin of their friend Nikola Tesla. Tesla and the Johnsons shared interest and devotion of Romanticism and especially for the English Romantic poets.

The Johnsons were New York's very well-known socialites, and they have very often gatherings of the greatest intellectuals, artists, industrialist of the time at their home. Nikola Tesla was their special friend who shared everyday life with them. Robert learned Serbian in order to translate Serbian Romantic poet Jovan-Jovanovic-Zmaj and other Serbian poetry with Tesla. From their rich correspondence, it is obvious that it was a complex triangular relationship and friendship. Nikola Tesla contributed with many articles to the Robert's"Century Magazine". Robert Johnson was devotee of Nikola Tesla. He wrote an article on Tesla, and he dedicated a poem to Tesla. Katherine, a very intelligent woman, was impressed by Tesla, and fell deeply in love with him.

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