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Tesla & Katharine

esla's prolific inventions have been extensively documented in many books, a few feature films, two documentaries, some TV series and numerous web sites. However despite his dramatic and turbulent existence, Tesla’s personal life has not been portrayed in any depth.

egardless of the limelight attention that he was given during 1890s in New York at the peak of his career, he maintained a very private personal life. Being a loner, a bachelor, working alone, not entering into corporate associations, and not mixing friends - his personal life was obscure to outsiders. To this day this aspect of Nikola Tesla remains an enigma.

he film "Tesla & Katharine" deals with aspect of his private life based on his correspondence with close friends, Robert Johnson, poet and editor of the magazine "Century", and his wife Katharine, in New York during 1890s. This is a story of complex and delicate triangular relationship, and Tesla and Katharine's love.

he sub-plot of the story deals with the "war of currents" that Edison waged against Tesla's AC system and which resulted in creation of the electric chair based on Tesla's AC system.

Ken Russell


Ljiljana Kojic-Bogdanovich
Katarina Bogdanovich

Michael Nyman

TipTop Productions

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